Q What is a Fleet Price?
A The Fleet Prices available to you are bonafide discount prices based on volume and the purchasing power made available by this program. They include mark-up, destination charge, and national advertising and can only be obtained through the approved Fleet Manager. Any Factory Direct Rebate and/or Dealer Rebate available may also be deducted from this price. Actual Fleet Price may vary at time of purchase.

How much savings can you expect?

A The amount of savings will depend on the make, model, and optional equipment being purchased. Significant savings can be expected.
Q What is available under this program?
A Virtually every make of new Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV's (Import and Domestic)
Q Why is it important to contact only the approved Fleet Manager?
A The "redbook4autos.com" authorized Fleet Manager is the only person that has been approved to quote the special prices.

Are price quotations available over the phone?

A No -- To avoid any misunderstandings, we don't recommend obtaining price information over the phone.
Q Are cars available from dealer inventory?
A Yes -- Subject to dealer inventory, otherwise, cars will be ordered from the factory.
Q What about warranty and servicing?
A You will receive a Factory Service Policy with your new car. This policy is written on your automobile by the factory--not the individual dealership. Any authorized Dealership will give you full and satisfactory service as needed.
Q Are used car trade-ins accepted?
A Yes -- Trade-ins are accepted but not mandatory. You can expect fair market value for your used car.
Q Is it necessary to pay cash?
A No -- You can pay cash or finance your purchase, whichever you desire. Credit Union members may wish to see their Credit Union for a pre-approved loan.
What is the best time of year to purchase a car under this program?
Prices are constant throughout the model year, subject ONLY to any increase or decrease by the manufacturer.
Q If a Dealer or Manufacturer is offering a rebate, am I entitled to it?
A Yes -- Any Factory Direct Rebate or Dealer Rebate available may also be deducted from the Fleet Price.

Are there any additional costs for this service?

A No -- There are no additional fees involved for the individual or organization for this service. A Promotional Fee is paid to our company by the Dealerships for this service and therefore is offered as a FREE service to our customers.
Q Who coordinates the Fleet Discount Purchase Plan?
A "redbook4autos.com" is responsible for the complete administration of the program.

If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?

A Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday to personally help you with any questions or if you need assistance in any way. Our toll-free number is 1-800-422-4561.